Describing the benefits of Metalier’s liquid metal decorative metal system is extremely difficult.  There are just so many benefits that it is difficult to know where to begin, and it’s not actually helpful to say “Start at the beginning”.   And it is a bit of a mission too to put them in any sort of order.

If I had to choose one benefit I would choose its lightness and the fact that this means you can have what looks like a solid metal door without having to go to the cost of extra bearings and all the expensive construction involved with heavy weights.  My second choice would be the fact that the application is cold so it can be applied to any substrate, including the inexpensive ones like MDF and wallboard.  But here’s my list of benefits, in no particular order.  If you can think of more we’d love to hear from you

  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal is real metal.

    Liquid Metal Smiles

    Liquid Metal Smiles

  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal is light.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal is seamless.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal goes round corners.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal goes round curves.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal is a cold application.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be textured.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be highly polished.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be waxed.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be patinated.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be sealed.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be either solvent or water-based.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal can be flexible.
  • Metalier’s Liquid Metal is innovative and can be down-right wacky – just like the Mona Lisa over there to the right!

The uses for Metalier’s Liquid Metal are limited only by your imagination!

We have used Metalier’s decorative metal coating on signage – both obvious sorts of outdoor signs but also with signs and logos embedded into the substrate.  You can create a subtle or dramatic effect in this way.  And the signage industry is one where the benefits of lightness is particularly important.  It’s so easy to erect large signs if they are light.  It’s a no-brainer when you think about it.

We have used this amazing and versatile product as decorative wall panels, as bar fronts, reception desks, counter and bench tops, window frames, door frames, louvres, and doors – and even chimney stacks.  We’ve used it as splash backs in kitchens, as swimming pool fences, as occasional tables and chests on super yachts – now that was grand!  It’s also been used on sculptures, in garden design and we’ve even coated and metalized a baby’s first pair of sneakers.  So cute!!

What will you do with Metalier’s metals?  Tell us – we’d love to hear.